How to Participate

To Post a Message

You can leave a message from anywhere and any phone that will be playable from this website. Volunteers can log on and transcribe the text of your message so it is searchable for the whole world.

To post a voice message:

From any phone, dial +1 712.432.6666

Prompt – “I’m sorry, I don’t recognize your number. Please enter the number you set up with your account followed by the pound (#) key.”

ENTER: GUSTAV-2008 (487-828-2008) #

Prompt: “Great, now please enter your PIN”

ENTER: 2008

Prompt: “Great, now your logged in. To listen to Utterz, Press 1. To post a new Utter, Press 2 ..”


Leave a DETAILED message and spell out names, phone numbers & addresses. Ex: “This is John Smith. S-M-I-T-H I left New Orleans and made it to Houston, Texas. I am at 1515 Main St. M-A-I-N. I can be reached at 555-123-1122. I am looking for Judy and Andrew Smith.


Prompt: Options for listen, re-record, etc.

ENTER: 3 to send your message

Support the Effort by Transcribing Messages

Listen to the voice message mp3 file. Transcribe as much as you can decipher into the comments of that post. We will change the title when we see that the text has been added to the comments for each message.

If the message is not related to Hurrcane Gustav efforts or is otherwise not appropriate, please say so in the comments and we will make sure to remove it as soon as possible.


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